Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I have decided that what the internet, heck...let's just say it, what the world really needs is one more blogsite. Wouldn't you agree? In order to do my part I have created a sister blog to Close to Home called The Hesitant Homeschooler which is, as you probably surmised, a blog dedicated fully to my decision to keep my kids at home in the fall and educate them myself. The ramblings you will find within it will be interesting only...I repeat, only if you have, are, or are going to Homeschool and find that task to be both wonderful and nauseatingly scary at the same time. If that does not describe your situation, please stick with the blog you are currently reading. I am in need, here, of much prayer, encouragement, and advice. If you have any of these to offer then hop on over - I truly would appreciate it.


Kelleylynn said...

How to keep up with you?! I shall do my best...

H and S said...

You're my new hero for just trying it! I'll be reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't post this on your other site, so I posted it here.-

Just wanted to say. I'm Orthodox Christian and a senior in High school this year. I have been homeschooled for my whole life, and I've never regretted it once. Some days it's tough, but I look back over everything and I see that it was a HUGE blessing in disquise.