Thursday, October 05, 2006

Testing, Testing

Welcome to my first official attempt at public blogging. I am admittedly lousy at correspondance so this is a last ditch effort to communicate consistently with friends and family not currently living under my roof. My personal ramblings might not be on your top ten list for what to read this fall but maybe by checking in every once in awhile you can satisfy your gnawing curiosity about the comings and goings of a Sabourin in Indiana. Leave a comment, say a prayer, thank your lucky stars you decided two children were plenty. Whatever moves you to stay connected, I welcome with humble anticipation.
Here we go!


Jenny said...

Hey Molly,

What a delight to hear from you and to see your lovely family. I really like your idea of creating a blog. I like checking-in with people I via blog. Although I loathe the word "blog." Is there any uglier word in our language?
I have a blog as well, which I only update about every month (if that). Still, it is always therapeutic when I do it.


WI mom said...

Hi Molly,
I am so glad you decided to blog. Matthew and Pam also have a blog which I check almost daily (and they update every few months)so it will be wonderful to have another blog to check. Can you write an update on Elijah and Priscilla's adjustment to public school and Benjamin's adjustment to their absence? Great family picture!
Looking forward to keeping updated,

WI mom said...

Oops! I used my blogger identity from Matthew and Pam's and had forgotten what my identity was but I guess it still applies-I'm a mom in WI. Did you know M & P are coming for Thanksgiving- hopefully you all are!

Michelle said...

Molly -
great picture! i always enjoyed blogging - of course i've not kept up with it. be sure to send us an e-mail when you update your blog.

i agree with jenny - blog is a very ugly word. could we call it an online journal? not quite as catchy, that's for sure.

thanks for keeping us updated on your life. :)

John said...

Way to go, Molly. You will enjoy this!

Jennifer Larsen said...

Does this mean your not going to call me back?

This is really the fanciest thing I've seen all day.

Loving you.

Sara Brookman said...

So glad to hear about your blog. I think it's a great way to keep us all updated. Your family is beautiful, you are beautiful!!! I admire you so much! Miss you lots and lots!

Molly Sabourin said...


Positive Chaos said...

Welcome to the blogging world Molly
I agree with jenny - i hate the word blog and wish it was called something else:)
Looking forward to reading your blog:)